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With earlier seasons recording a budget as low as a few thousand dollars per episode, and to💶 the later seasons with a budget of around two million per episode, the show is overall one of the most💶 low-budget series on TV.
Per episode cost runs at approximately $2 million toR$2.2 million an episode. While Supernatural does get tax💶 breaks for filming in Vancouver, just like in 2009 the strong Canadian dollar against the US dollar has all but💶 wiped out any savings with exchange rates.

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The average RTP (Return to Player) rate for an online slot is around 96%. Anything above 96.5%👄 is generally considered to have an appealing payout percentage, and games like Blood Suckers stand out by offering an unusually👄 high rate.
For example, a 90% RTP pays backR$90 for everyR$100 bet on👄 it overall. The average RTP for slots is about 95.5%.

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Slough, UK, August 2nd 2024  Mars Wrigley UK has today announced that Opal Fruits will💹 be returning to British shelves for one final time after the made to make your mouth water treat sold out💹 in a matter of weeks in 2024. The cult classic will also be offered in its original flavour format.
It's a sweet dream come true... Opal Fruits are back to make your mouth water all over💹 again. The brand, which Mars changed to Starburst in 1998, returns for 12 weeks only in the four original flavours💹 of strawberry, orange, lemon and lime.

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